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Abdi + is a creative agency that maximize visibility, revenue & dignity for all.

We are creatives, market analysts, time travellers and identify ourselves as servants. We often prefer to serve the underserved populations, not for profit organizations & small businesses. We love to promote their brand by creating visibility for them in Paris, Brooklyn & North Africa. We create as many bridges as we can to maximize your identity. We offer the 

  •  Branding & Design | Loyalty marketing
  • Mobile & Street Marketing |Hospitality Training

An annual report can be most effective when designed to serve a specific need, and when grounded in a deep understanding of the targeted audience. Your message can be communicated most effectively when all elements of the annual report - photos, data, layout, text, financial data work together to meet readers' emotional and intellectual needs.

Our team grounds the creative process in a deep understanding of your organization, similar organizations, and the ways that key stakeholders currently perceive you. Working with you, we craft unique brand positioning and tailored messages that resonate with your audiences. In addition, we will review your existing name, logo and communication materials and train and inspire your board to be more effective champions of the organization.

Abdi's teams will create a new logo as part of a visual identity for your organization. This logo will be informed by research to better understand your organization, how your key audiences perceive you, as well as the visual identity of your competitors.

Identity For All