Brand Identity

We love Peace & health. We call ourself abdi because of the mission of serving others with the ideas that we can create a true change. We love dreamers and their capabilities to inspire positive attitude. All working together, these designers, writers, artists, architects and strategists can bring your brand to life.

We will serve you the following:

Brand Audit - an audit of brands within the company portfolio, or competitive set.

Brand Architecture - how an organization structures various products, services or other entities within its portfolio and how they relate to one another.

Brand Positioning- the "mental space" a brand should occupy in the minds of the target audience.

Abdi offers a suite of brand strategy services to complement your naming, market research, design and promotion capabilities.

These services help our clients:

• better position their brands in a competitive marketplace

• understand the key drivers that will lead to brand adoption & brand loyalty

• communicate product attributes and benefits in a targeted manner

• carve out a messaging niche that will resonate with the target audience